Who are we

Frederick Jacobs
Founder & CEO

Frederick is the founder of Secury360 and drives the mission and strategy of the company. He has more than 10 years of experience in the security cameras industry.

He believes in challenging the status quo and tries to make existing security solutions more effective and more user friendly. He founded Secury360 because he is convinced our unique approach provides a solution to guaranteed security with an unmatched user experience. He is in charge of the daily operations and international business development.

Wouter Uten
Co-founder & Strategic advisor

Wouter is a serial entrepreneur with an executive background in international & fast-growing ventures. As a 90’s entrepreneur, Wouter has grown software ventures up to more than 50 employees internationally.

As a pragmatic and hands-on manager, Wouter has experience in aligning teams into a strategic vision and in bridging technical, operational, and sales talents into the daily pace of a fast-growing environment.

foto bart

Bart Verstrynge
Co-founder & Technical advisor

Bart is the technical co-founder of Secury360. As a software engineer, architect & manager, he looks back at several strong successes in product development.

He is passionate about building products from the ground up in the best way possible, while staying pragmatic. Backed by an engineering degree in computer science and a specialization in AI, Bart spent most of his professional life in software engineering, cloud computing & AI. At Secury360, Bart manages the technical team and defines the approach to beat our technical challenges and achieve our goals.

Sander Hilven
IoT architect

Sander is an all-round IT’er with a strong passion and experience in AI, Computer Vision and IoT devices. He is a real hands-on type of guy and believes that nothing is impossible. At Secury360 he is responsible for developing our IoT edge device that connects every security camera to our cutting edge AI and the community ecosystem.

Davy Meybos
Lead Developer

Davy is a highly motivated full stack software engineer with a strong Microsoft .NET background. He likes technical innovation, the realization of new ideas and solving complex problems. At Secury360, he will be our Lead Developer and will be responsible for the entire system development process: from analysis and development to rollout and maintenance.

Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal
Shareholder & Strategic advisor

Ismaël is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for innovation. As the founder and CEO of multiple tech companies, which are active globally, he is glad to have an advisory role in this innovative company.

Tim Claes
Mobile app developer

Tim is an experienced developer of mobile and web applications and prefers to work on IoT projects. He considers himself as a problem solver without losing sight of UX and UI. At Secury360 he is responsible for everything related to the state of the art mobile application.