WE act before
THEY try to break in

Patented and first pro-active professional community-based security system for home and professional use.
We focus on great accuracy, easy-to-use applications, and a clear and fixed price model.


When you activate Secury360 through your app or your standard burglar alarm, we detect every person that enters the secured zone in your garden. Our system takes about 30 seconds to be 100% sure that there is a person in your garden. When there is an intruder, we trigger the sirens on location. So we act before they even try to break in.


We build our platform with professional security cameras and in cooperation with reliable technology partners. Our security solution can be installed and integrated by a local certified professional security installer.

We are building a strong network of well-trained security installers all around the world.


We can only trust Artificial Intelligence to a certain degree. In order to account for false alarms, such as rain or shadows, we have created a designated community to perform the second verification.

It is a case of humans protecting humans against burglars.

*depending on the local law of the country that we are active in, we use local certified alarm centers to handle as our community

Home and professional

Our customers range from private homeowners with a garden to industrial facilities with strict entry requirements.

Great accuracy

We developed our own, well-trained AI model to detect unwanted visitors entering the secured zone. On top of that, our community is a human brain that does a second verification of the trespasser and identifies it as a human or not.

Easy to use

If customers already have a regular home security alarm, we simply connect our system to the existing one and Secury360 is activated with one click. For customers without an alarm system, we can install and activate (or deactivate) Secury360 by using the app.

Price model

We don’t believe in paying for every intervention that has to be made. Customers pay a fixed monthly price and we guarantee a highly secured property by using our AI and 24/7 accurate working community.